covid-19 RESPONSE

Our staff and trip leaders are parents, classroom teachers, and seasoned educators with the utmost regard for keeping young people safe. 

What to expect before your trip:

While we're confident that we can provide safe, outdoor-oriented travel experiences with our enhanced safety protocols in place, this summer we're offering increased flexibility to families and continuing to monitor all WHO and CDC travel recommendations up until the moment of departure.

Extended Cancellation Windows:

  • Receive a full refund (including your deposit) if you cancel more than 90 days prior to your trip departure.

  • Receive a refund (less your deposit) if you cancel between 60 - 90 days before your trip.

  • Receive a credit (less your deposit) that can be applied towards another trip in 2021 - 2022 if you cancel between 30 - 60 days before your trip.

  • Receive refund (less your deposit) up until trip departure if you cancel due to a covered reason listed in our group travel insurance policy (such as doctor certified illness). See sample policy.

Pre-Departure Health Screenings:

  • All participants will be required to submit a medical history and health form that includes COVID-19 specific questions.

  • Depending on current public health guidelines, staff and/or participants may be required to submit documentation of a negative COVID test prior to departure. This requirement, if deemed necessary, will be communicated to families closer to the departure date.

  • On our departure day, all participants and staff will complete a COVID questionnaire and temperature check.

What to expect during your trip:

Hygiene and Personal Protective Equipment:

  • All participants and staff will be required to bring a personal supply of face masks with them on the trip. Masks will be required in public spaces with the exception of outdoor spaces where social distancing is possible.

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided and made readily available throughout the trip. We will also encourage frequent hand washing with soap and water.

  • No sharing of water bottles or other personal items will be permitted.

Itineraries and Activities:

  • All of our trip routes have been designed for maximum exposure to the great outdoors. We have even planned our restaurant itinerary to include outdoor dining whenever possible.

  • All of the secondary tour providers we use are vetted and compliant with locally mandated health standards.

Access to Healthcare:

  • Our trip planning includes awareness of nearby emergency facilities and medical care. We have enough staff on each trip to make sure that a group leader can accompany a participant to a doctor or emergency facility, if necessary.

  • We will conduct daily temperature checks and have the ability to isolate a sick individual from the rest of the group until COVID testing and results are available.